Getting Started Guide for Nigerian Clients

Follow the Quick Guide Below to create a Virtual USD card, setup Paypal and pay for the product

Step 1 - Create & Fund Your Chipper Cash USD Virtual Card

Skip this step if you already have a USD-based card that you can fund easily

1) Click your phone OS to download the Chipper Cash App Below



2) Create A New Account

Follow the Instructions on the App to create a new Chipper Cash Account

3) Verify your account 

BVN is the fastest option or any valid ID (NIN, drivers license, Intl Passport).

4) Fund Your Account With Naira

Once verified, Click +ADD CASH to fund your Chipper Cash account by adding money from your local bank account.

  • Note that your Chipper Card account balance is different from your Chipper Card balance; you'll use your card balance to pay for the purchase and not your account balance
  • You can see  your Chipper Cash account number and bank name by clicking on 'My Cash' at the top of your account dashboard; you'll use this to make the bank transfer to fund your account.
  • It takes 3 - 5 minutes for the fund you send to reflect on your card balance
5) Create  Your Virtual DOLLAR card

Click on Cards at bottom right corner and claim your USD card so you can top up and use for the transaction.


Ensure that you create a USD card not a Naira card. You need a USD card to make the payment through Paypal

Note: You will be charged a one time card-issuance fee of $3

6) Top Up Your USD Virtual Card  from your Chipper account balance
  • Click on 'Top Up' button
  • Enter the amount to top up
  • It may take a few minutes for the fund to reflect
  • Also, Chipper Cash exchange rates will apply when adding funds from your Chipper Cash account balance into your Chipper Cash card balance so have enough funds available for the exchange

Step 2 - Create Your Nigerian Paypal Account

Skip this step if you currently have an active Paypal account

Step 3 - Pay for Your The Course & Mentorship

Click on the relevant link to make payment for the Course & Mentorship